Do raccoons eat rats?

Do Raccoons eat rats?-Surprising Truth

Do raccoons eat rats? Why do raccoons eat rats? How do raccoons prey on rats?  Where do raccoons find the rats? Do raccoons play with raccoons after preying on them?

These are frequently asked questions about raccoon rats eating. If you have the same questions and want to know the answers to your queries; Don’t worry, now you are on the right web page. In this blog post, I’ll explore whether raccoons eat rats or not.

This article contains exact and authentic information about raccoons eating rats. Raccoons eat well on seeds, nuts, and acorns; but what about rats? Are you ready for all of your questions to be answered perfectly? Let’s get it.

Do raccoons eat rats?

Do raccoons eat raccoons? Yes definitely, they do!

It is not unusual for raccoons to eat rodents( rats or mice), particularly that those are readily available. Being omnivorous, they eat well on plants and animals with a wide range of food. Thus rats are included in animals, so definitely, raccoons will eat rats, if there is no better option available to them, However, rats are a last resort on their food list.

In fact, raccoons will eat both mice and rats. Rats and mice are both rodents. Rats are giant in size while mice are smaller in size with slender bodies and slender tails.

What are rats? A brief view!

Do you know what rats are? Let’s come, I’ll tell you.

Rats are medium-sized, rodents. Simply put, a rat is an animal with long tails resembling a giant mouse. Physically, the rat has short hair, a long tail, rounded ears, protruding eyes, a pointed snout with long vibrissae, and five toes on each foot( four feet).

Mostly, rats spread diseases in both humans and animals. Rat habitats include attics, walls, roofs, and burrows. Most raccoons are found worldwide near human populations except in Antarctica.

Why do raccoons eat rats?

As you know raccoons are omnivorous ( eat both plants and animals). So being omnivorous raccoons need to eat meat from time to time to stay healthy. Meat provides raccoons with protein and essential vitamins and minerals they cannot get by eating plants alone. Thus Rats are included in animals, so raccoons eat them in the aspect of attaining essential nutrients for their body. And so, they keep their body healthy and active.

  • The eating of rats by raccoons is beneficial. because if raccoons eat rats, the number of rats decreases, thus there is less chance to be damaged of crops by rats.
  • Moreover, raccoons help to maintain the food chain in the earth and aquatic environment.

Is rats the first choice for raccoons?

No, not at all!

Although raccoons eat everything which is readily available to them, mostly, they prefer to eat their favorite food like fish, fruits, and grains. However, rats are not the first choice for raccoons.

In fact, rats are the last resort in their food menu. Actually, they would eat rats when they have tired or fail to find other food of their choice like water animals( fishes, frogs, small crustaceans).

Besides this raccoons can also eat dead animals(including dead rats). In fact in winter when there is a shortage of food, they almost eat any available food, because in winter it becomes difficult for them to make an effort to find their favorite food.

How do raccoons prey on rats? Or the process of preying

Mostly, rats are very smart enough that they avoid coming in front of raccoons. In fact, they prefer to live indoors like in attics, garages,  decks, porches, and even in the kitchen. Therefore they rarely go outdoors in search of food being skillful in hunting outdoors.

Only intelligent raccoons can prey on raccoons. Thus, raccoons cleverly catch or prey on rats. They chase the rats, like cats and finally capture them. After preying on rats they drag and bring their prey to a safe place where they eat it calmly.

In wild areas, the raccoons hide on the top, bark, or branches of trees and watch the rats from far distances; then quickly and politely move toward them and finally, capture them.

How do they eat the rats?

Their ever-growing sharp claws allow them to grasp and tear the meat of rats into small pieces. Raccoon’s teeth are specified to tear the animal’s flesh and rats into small pieces. Then their acidic stomach helps to digest the food very efficiently. 

Moreover, raccoons can also eat dead animals including dead mice and rats. Their acidic stomach kills bacteria that are present in dead rats. Thus their acidic stomach rescue them from food poisoning created by dead items like dead rats.

Do raccoons play with raccoons?

Surprisingly, they play hide and seek with rats during prey on them just like cats.

Often raccoons have been seen playing with rats. First of all, they catch the live rats and mice, then interestingly they play with the raccoons. At last, after playing with rats they eat their yummy food means rats.

Is baby raccoons can feed on rats?

People are curious about this; whether the baby raccoons eat the rats or not. So the precise answer is that the Baby raccoons can’t find or eat the rats. If you have baby raccoons as a pet; you should never eat rats to them. In fact, baby raccoons require a liquid high-protein diet to grow healthy. Milk is best for baby raccoons until they start to reject the milk.

Final thoughts:

Raccoons eat both rats and mice. Normally they don’t eat rats; but when they are hungry and fail to find their favorite food like fish and birds. In fact, rats are the last resort on their food list. Meat contains essential nutrients which are necessary for raccoons to be fit and healthy.

Baby raccoons don’t eat rats, while the big raccoons eat  dead, injured, trapped, or alive raccoons. In short, raccoons eat each food that is easy to available. It doesn’t matter for raccoons whether they get their food from trash canes or wild areas. They obviously will eat well on injured or aged mice, because it is easy to catch for them.


Do raccoons eat rats?

Yes, raccoons eat rats and mice, however, rats are not the food of first choice for them. It doesn’t matter to them whether the rat is dead, injured, trapped, or alive but one thing they always prefer to eat food that is easy to avail.

Can raccoons bite you?

Normally healthy raccoons don’t bite you. If a raccoon is infected by rabies there is a chance that he bite you. If wild raccoons are aggressive and threatened then they might also bite you, but a healthy pet raccoon will never bite you. 

What food is good for raccoons?

Raccoons mostly eat a variety of food including plants and animals. Mostly they prefer to eat water animals like crayfish, frogs, snails, fish, clams, and small crustaceans.
Besides this, they like to eat insects, birds, squirrels, and even small alligators.
They also enjoy eating all types of fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, grains, eggs, acorns, and even small animals. 

Do raccoons need meat?

Yes, surely being omnivores raccoons need meat. Meat provides raccoons with essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals. So to keep their body fit and healthy they eat meat.

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