How fast can a raccoon run?

How fast can a Raccoon Run?-Best Research

How fast can a raccoon run? Do raccoons run swiftly or slowly? Are raccoons good at running? In what condition do they run fast? These are frequently asked questions about the running behavior of these masked bandits.

If you have the same questions about the running aspect of raccoons; then you are on the right web page. In this blog post, I’ll explore the important points about the running behavior of raccoons.

So let’s come to read to get deep insights and secrets about the running attitude of raccoons. Read it carefully otherwise, you won’t know such a big secret about the running characteristics of raccoons.

Do raccoon run or not?

The raccoon (Procyon lotor ) is also known as the “Northern Raccoon” or “coon”. Basically, raccoons are native to North America except Antarctica. As they are mammals they are able to run. Fortunately, nature has guaranteed them the ability to run for many benefits. Now the question arises; whether raccoons run slowly or swiftly, keep reading to find out!

How fast can a raccoon run?

How fast can a raccoon run? So the precise answer is that raccoons can run fast at 15 mph (miles per hour).

  • (15 miles per hour)

It is tough to accept that raccoon can run amazingly fast despite having a weighted body. Believe it or not, raccoons are extraordinarily fast for their size. Thus the fast running speed of raccoons is very valuable for them.

***peak point of their speed***

  • According to( ADW Animal Diversity Web)Raccoons can run 15 mph(15 Miles per hour) or 24 kilometers per hour at their top speed without getting any type of injury or sense of tiring.
  • The raccoons that are larger than normal raccoons can run a little fast and mostly cover around 20 miles per hour which is the last point of their speed.

What is the speed of raccoons in normal conditions?

Raccoons run fast or slowly; it depends upon their daily activities like playing, climbing, foraging for food etc. Thus, these factors are involved in their speed. Besides this, whether they are in a hurry or not is also a speed factor.

***Normal conditions***

  • In normal conditions when they are just moving slowly for normal activities they cover 5 miles per hour and sometimes between 5 to 10 mph.

Benefits of fast-running capability:

Nature has provided the raccoons with excellent fast-running capability. So as we talk about the benefits of this extraordinary running attitude  nothing is created useless, and thus raccoons also use this running ability for various purposes.

1.Protection from predators:

They protect themselves from their potential predators like bobcats, coyotes, and big-horned owls. In this way the fast running speed of raccoons is beneficial to save their precious lives from predators. 

2.Source of food:

At the same time, they prey on different animals like frogs, squirrels, and even small alligators to get their food of choice. So their fast speed is well benefited to get their food of choice. 

How do they run fast?

Raccoons have a unique body structure with dexterous paws. Thus their body structure is well adapted to run very quickly. For instance, their stubby legs and small stature help them to run fast. Their body structure is designed so that being healthy and fatty, they can run fast. However, the raccoons do not have very good stamina for running, so they can cover only a few yards at a time

Can raccoons run fast to dogs and cats?

  • It is a bitter fact that the speed of raccoons is less than dogs, cats, and even humans. 

The fast-running dog can catch up to the raccoons while both are running very fast. In the same way the speed of cats is 30 mph (miles per hour) which is double of the speed of raccoons.

Do baby raccoons and adult raccoons have the same speed?

No, not at all!

Now, we talk about baby raccoons whether they have same speed of running like adult raccoons or not. So i would like to clear that; at the age of 5 to 6 weeks old they become able to walk, climb and run. During this period of age they become active and start to live more independently of their mothers. In the beginning, the speed of baby raccoons is not good as adult raccoons. But as the time passes, they becomes more good in running and their level of speed also increases. 

  • In short, the speed of running of baby raccoons is not the same as adults.


Raccoons can run fast despite having a weighted body. Approximately they cover 15 miles per hour (mph) at their top speed. No doubt this speed is not very good as well as  humans or dogs; but to a great extent, this speed is enough beneficial for raccoons.

In truth, it depends upon their work activity whether they are in a hurry or not. According to their activity, they take small steps or large steps to cover the distance. In normal conditions, they take small steps and cover between 5 and 10 mph (miles per hour).

Amazingly, Some large-sized raccoons cover around 20 mph (miles per hour) and of course, this is an exceptionally good speed.

Equally important is that they get an escape from their potential predators like bobcats, coyotes, and great horned owls. Moreover, they find or catch their prey like squirrels and even small alligators. 


Are raccoons fast runners?

Yes, of course, raccoons are good runners. They cover about 15 miles per hour at their top speed. Some large-sized raccoons even can cover 20 miles per hour and this is too much enough for them. You would be surprised to know that their speed of running is the same on both ground places and during climbing up and down on trees.

Can you outrun a raccoon?

It is proven by research that humans can cover approximately 28 miles per hour at their top speed. While on the other hand, raccoons can cover 15 miles per hour at their top speed. By comparing the speeds of both raccoons and humans it is an understood point that humans are able to outrun raccoons very easily.

Do raccoons run faster than cats?

Likewise, human cats also run fast than raccoons. The cats cover a large distance of 30 miles per hour while raccoons are 15 miles per hour. So raccoons are not good runners like cats, dogs, and humans.

Is a raccoon faster than a human?

No, the raccoon is not fast than a human. There is a great difference between the running speed of both. Humans have a speed of 28 miles per hour while raccoons have 15 miles per hour.

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