do raccoons like shiny things

Do Raccoons Like Shiny Things?-Amazing Reality!

Do raccoons like shiny things? Why do raccoons like shiny things like jewelry? Do they also steal away the things that seem to be shiny to them?

If you want to know these facts about raccoons, you are at the right place. This article will provide you with thoroughly researched and authentic information about the nature of raccoons.

Do raccoons like shiny things?

Yes, raccoons like shiny things, and you might be surprised to know that they also steal shiny items like jewelry and tinfoil. Raccoons tend to collect shiny objects in their burrows.

Raccoons (Procyon Lotor) are small furry mammals native to North America. They are primarily nocturnal scavengers, wandering at night due to their strong vision. They like bright and shiny objects in their surroundings and often carry them back to their burrows.

Why do raccoons like shiny things?

 Raccoons have a natural inclination to like shiny things, similar to humans. Shiny objects are visually appealing and attractive to them. The majority of raccoon traps are made with a steel framework because steel is eye-catching to raccoons.

These factors contribute to their attraction to shiny objects:

  • Extra intelligence
  • Presence of sensory cells in their paws
  • Curious nature

Extra intelligence

Raccoons are known for their intelligence, sometimes likened to that of monkeys. They observe and are even known to steal shiny objects like mirrors, tinfoil, keys, jewelry, tinsel, ribbon, and other shiny items. Raccoons are naturally curious and enjoy examining their surroundings. Thus, their intelligence allows them to distinguish between objects, with their memory lasting up to three years.

Curious nature

Raccoons are curious scavengers and opportunists. Their extra-talented nature makes them curious about shiny things. During their nocturnal wanderings, if they come across something interesting and shiny, they investigate it. Raccoons collect trash, but it’s primarily for shiny objects, which they consider toys. They are also curious about cat food and enjoy swimming and climbing. 

Presence of sensory cells in their paws

Raccoons have four to five times more supersensory cells in their paws than other mammals. These cells, combined with their keen sense of touch, make it easier for raccoons to detect and be attracted to shiny objects.

do raccoons like shiny things


Which things are shiny for raccoons? 

Mostly raccoons are attract to these things.

  • Tinsel
  • Foil wrapping paper
  • Ornaments
  • Jewelry
  • Metallic ribbon
  • Bells
  • Glittery items like Christmas card
  • Food items like apples and water

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, raccoons have a natural fascination with shiny objects that capture their attention. Their intelligence, combined with their curiosity, drives them to explore and play with shiny items using their tiny hands. Unfortunately, this liking for bright objects can sometimes lead to raccoons getting trapped.


Why do raccoons like to touch everything? 

Raccoons have four to five times more supersensory cells in the paws of their tiny hands as compared to other mammals. About 75 percent part of their brain controls the sensory signals related to touch. so they sense all things in a better way.

How long is a raccoon’s memory?

Some estimations about the intelligence of raccoons show that in the ability to distinguish between things; raccoons are above cats and below primates. Since they have extraordinary memories, amazingly they can remember things; and solution of tasks up to for three years.

Are raccoons attracted to shiny objects?

Yes, absolutely! The are attracted to shiny things because of their intelligence, extra-talented curious nature, and love of shiny things.

Why do raccoons like shiny stuff?

Raccoons are naturally drawn to shiny objects because they find them visually appealing and enjoy playing with them using their nimble hands. They often collect these items in their burrows, finding joy in having them.

What time do raccoons come out?  

Raccoons are nocturnal ( night-loving) in nature. so they come out from their caves mostly at night.

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