Do Raccoons eat chocolate?

Do raccoons eat chocolate?- should they eat?

Do raccoons eat chocolate? Do raccoons like to eat chocolate? Is chocolates the first choice of raccoons? Do chocolates have any side effects on raccoons: If yes then how?

These are frequently asked questions about raccoons eating chocolate. If you’re concerned about eating chocolate to raccoons(pets), and still couldn’t find any exact information, now there is no need to worry because you’re on the right web page.

The information you will find here is exact and authentic. In this blog post, I will explore essential facts like whether raccoons eat chocolate or not; is chocolate good for raccoons in deep insight. Being omnivores they eat well on various foods, but what about chocolates? So let’s come to know it…

What is chocolate?

First of all, you should know what is chocolate.

Well, chocolate is sweet food that is made from roasted and ground seed kernels that is available in liquid, and solid; used as candy in various bakery products. Sweet and yummy chocolates are a source of attraction for both humans and animals like raccoons.

Chocolate has different types like white chocolate, milk chocolate, etc. Normally dark chocolate is more bitter than milk chocolate. Dark Chocolates are a source of essential nutrients like fiber, iron, magnesium, manganese, and copper. To humans chocolates provide a number of benefits, but what about raccoons? Read till the end to find out.

Do raccoons eat chocolate?

Do raccoons eat chocolate? Well, definitely they eat chocolates!

Being omnivores they surely eat a variety of food and thus also chocolates. Chocolate has different flavors, like floral, creamy, bitter, citrus, etc. Raccoons like to eat chocolate, because it has a sweet and yummy taste; which attracts the raccoons.

So if chocolate is available to raccoons they’ll never deny or hesitate to eat it.

Therefore, It would not be wrong to say that they enjoy their sweet food(chocolates) rather than give up. Thus, chocolate is included in the first choice of food for raccoons. Moreover, raccoons love to eat anything which is treated with sugar. It doesn’t matter whether it is chocolate, candy, or something else, but one condition is that it must be sweet.

Are chocolates good for raccoons?

Well, it creates a lot of suspense, whether the chocolate is good for raccoons or not. So the precise answer is that the “chocolates are toxic for raccoons”. Because it contains such ingredients in its composition which are not virtuous for raccoons. Theobromine, caffeine, and cocoa beans are major components of chocolate; which is toxic, So the chocolates are not safe for raccoons.

Why are chocolates toxic for raccoons?

Basically, chocolates are rich in components like caffeine and theobromine. Both of which are not digestible by raccoons. A small amount of chocolates can create a lot of problems for raccoons.

The digestive system of raccoons is not designed in such a way that it can do the digestion of chocolate ingredients. In other words, the stomach of raccoons can’t do the proper digestion of chocolate components like caffeine and theobromine. Thus its improper digestion causes diseases in raccoons. Basically, dark chocolate is more deadly than milky chocolates.

The incomplete digestion of chocolates may result in serious and life-threatening health problems or side effects for raccoons. Thus chocolate affects badly to kidneys and other parts of the body. Even raccoons can die if they eat a little more chocolate. It is proven from research that one ounce of cocoa powder in chocolate can cause serious health problems for raccoons.

Diseases or Side effects of Theobromine(chocolate component) 

The theobromine causes poisoning in raccoons. It causes two types of poisoning: light theobromine poisoning and serious theobromine poisoning.

Light theobromine poisoning:

Theobromine causes poisoning in humans as well as in raccoons. Luckily, it is less toxic and remains for a short period of time.

Usually, the symptoms of light poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, and frequent urination.

1. Seizures:

A seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled burst of electrical activity in the brain, resulting in a loss of control over the body. When raccoons have a sudden attack or seizures, their brain loses the ability to control the body. This happens when raccoons eat chocolate. 

2. Hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity is a symptom of an underlying mental or physical health condition in animals. The affected raccoons may lose their attention span with high impulsiveness. In addition, they  show aggressive behavior.

3. Diarrhea( excessive loss of water):

Chocolate causes diarrhea in raccoons. The symptoms of diarrhea are abdominal cramps and dizziness from dehydration. This dehydration in the body results in excessive loss of water, which may be fatal. In this case, you should provide clean water to your pets(raccoons).

Severe theobromine poisoning:

Dark chocolate is beneficial for humans, but unfortunately, it is more toxic for raccoons or other small animals. If raccoons eat dark chocolate, it causes serious and fatal effects in the raccoons. It results in irregular heartbeats, which leads to heart attack and finally death

So you should keep your pets out of the reach of chocolates.

Should raccoons eat chocolates?

No, no! raccoons shouldn’t eat chocolates at all. The stomachs of raccoons are not well adapted to digest the ingredients( theobromine and caffeine) of chocolates; thus, great health problems can be created for raccoons.

If you are a pet parent of a raccoon you should keep in mind that chocolates are toxic to raccoons. Equally important is that you must  seal your garbage cans that raccoons can’t access to take even the scrapes of chocolates in any way. This step is very important to save the lives of your precious pets. 

👍If you have a raccoon as a pet; avoid feeding chocolates to raccoons and even other pets.


Chocolates have a sweet taste with different flavors. Being omnivores raccoons obviously eat chocolates. In fact, they like to eat sweet things like candies, chocolates, and almost everything that is treated with sugar.. But raccoons shouldn’t eat chocolates. furthers, the chocolates are toxic to raccoons. The chocolates contain ingredients like theobromine (found in cocoa beans), and caffeine that are very toxic for raccoons.

The stomach (digestive system) of raccoons is not well designed to digest the theobromine and caffeine. Thus the chocolates are fatal for raccoons. If raccoons eat chocolates; Various types of health problems are created like seizures, hyperactivity, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. These diseases are so fatal that they even lead to death.


What food poisons raccoons?

Being omnivores they eat a variety of foods.  However, some foods are toxic for them. So they shouldn’t eat such foods as chocolates, raisins, onions, macadamia, garlic, coffee, cocoa, and candies. Normally garlic, bread, and coffee are not so much toxic, but they can severely upset their stomach. So they shouldn’t eat such food which is toxic.

Will a raccoon bite you?

Normally, healthy raccoons do not bite you. The unhealthy or rabid raccoon can hurt you. So you should avoid interaction with wild raccoons, they have a great chance of rabies However, pet raccoons don’t become aggressive.

Are raccoons polite?

Raccoons are well known for great intelligence like monkeys. They create a bond of love with their pet parents. Thus they have polite and good interaction with their pet parents. However, wild and unhealthy raccoons may be aggressive and damage your property.

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