Will Raccoons eat tomatoes?

Will Raccoons eat tomatoes?-Healthy Diet

Will raccoons eat tomatoes? Are tomatoes the favorite food of raccoons? Is the tomato a healthy meal for raccoons? What type of essential nutrients do raccoons get from tomatoes? These are frequently asked questions about the eating behavior of raccoons.

In this blog post, I will give you a brief explanation of the eating behavior of raccoons whether they eat tomatoes or not. The article completely looks into it.

Here is the exact, correct, and well-researched data. Let’s come to read it otherwise, you won’t know such a big secret…

What are tomatoes?

Botanically, Tomatoes are fruits because they contain seeds and grow from the flower of the tomato plant. Tomatoes have a unique juicy and yummy flavor, with an almost universal acceptance.

But mostly, they’re utilized like a vegetable in cooking. In culinary applications, it is considered a vegetable. Anyhow, what people think about its being a fruit or vegetable; right now, we want to know whether they eat tomatoes or not. keep reading to find out.

Will Raccoons eat tomatoes?

Will raccoons eat tomatoes? Yes, definitely they eat tomatoes, especially ripened tomatoes are much more attractive to them. Being omnivores, they eat well on both animals and plants. And so tomatoes are included in plants and thus eatable by raccoons.

Luckily tomatoes are easy to find when no other foods are available to eat. Remember that tomatoes are not their first choice; in fact, they eat tomatoes, when there is a shortage of their favorite food like fish, fruits, and squirrels.

Normally raccoons eat well-ripened tomatoes. It doesn’t matter whether the tomatoes are still attached to the vine or have fallen down. But when they don’t find anything to eat, they feed on green tomatoes and leave the tomato after half-eating and thus they cause a lot of damage to your garden.

Signs of raccoons foraging through your garden(tomatoes):

  • Raccoon’s paw prints are a superb indication of the raccoon’s presence in the tomato garden.
  • Half-eaten tomatoes indicate that raccoons are the culprit for your tomato loss.
  • Raccoons make holes in the yard,  and around the plants which means that raccoons are rummaging through your garden.

Are tomatoes the favorite food for raccoons?

Yes. to some extent, ripened tomatoes are a favorite food of raccoons. But keep in mind, raccoons feed on tomatoes when they don’t find any other favorite food. In the winter season, normally there is a shortage of food. In such a condition, The red tomato hanging from the vines looks very yummy, delicious, and so much attractive. So the hungry raccoons won’t leave them. They obviously eat on them to eradicate their hunger.

Nutritional Facts about tomatoes:

Basically, tomatoes are a great reservoir of essential nutrients. It would not be wrong to say that, Such nutrients are very difficult to find in other plants. Here’s an overview of these nutrients. The tomatoes contain 12.5mg Vitamin C, 0.2g Fat, 5mg Sodium, 3.5g Carbohydrates, 0.8g Protein, 2.4g Sugar, 1.1g Fibers. Besides this the 100 g of tomatoes contain 18 calories. In addition, tomatoes also contain vitamin A, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium; necessary for the regulation of their metabolism. In short, tomatoes provide essential nutrients to raccoons, which provide energy to their bodies.

What are the benefits of tomatoes for raccoons?

  • Calories: Calories are the amounts of energy. The raccoons eat tomatoes and get calories, which they use to maintain their metabolic activities.
  • Fat: Extra calories are stored in the form of fat, which they use in later. 
  • Vitamin C: The vitamin C obtained from tomatoes helps in tissue growth and immune regulation.
  • Sodium: The sodium obtained from the tomatoes help to maintain the water regulation in raccoons. 
  • Carbohydrates: This nutrient produces heat in the body which keeps the body warm even in winter.
  • Sugar: It is obtained from tomatoes and helps in the process of digestion.
  • Fibers: Fibers prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. It is also a key component for optimal intestine health.

How to keep raccoons away from your tomato garden?

Here are some important steps to keep raccoons away from your tomato garden.

1. At first, Fence your garden with chicken wire or mesh wire. It helps to keep raccoons away from your garden.

2. Secondly, Spray around your garden with water mixed with ammonia or cayenne pepper. It will create strong smells and raccoons will run away from your garden.

3. Furthermore, Use sound devices in your tomato gardens to scare away the raccoons. Thus the raccoons would not enter your gardens.

4. Similarly, Bright lights also frighten the raccoons; so the use of lights in the garden is a good step to keep the raccoons away from your gardens.

5. Lastly, growing mint, garlic, and peppers around your tomato plants may also protect the tomatoes. Its smell helps to keep raccoons away from tomato gardens.

It is equally important to know that raccoons eat well on all varieties of tomatoes including plum tomatoes, beefsteak potatoes, black prince tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and all other varieties. Plum tomatoes are the sweetest among all varieties of tomatoes. So plum potatoes are delicious food for raccoons.


To summarize an idea:

Raccoons eat well on tomatoes. The sweet, yummy, and looking delicious tomatoes are a big attraction for them. So they eat well on well-ripened tomatoes. Fortunately, tomatoes provide important nutrients to raccoons.

Remember, that tomatoes are not the first choice in meals for raccoons. In fact, they eat tomatoes when they fail to find other food of their choice like fish, squirrels, grains, fruits, etc.

It’s a bitter reality that raccoons damage tomatoes while eating them. They make holes in the soil near tomato plants. So you should implement the above-mentioned ideas to keep your precious tomato garden to be safe and protected.


Do raccoons eat garden vegetables?

Yes, being omnivores they eat well on vegetables as well as small animals like squirrels. It doesn’t matter where the food comes from trash canes or gardens.

How do I keep raccoons from eating my tomatoes?

1. You must fence your garden with mesh wire or chicken wire.
2. To Use bright lights and sound devices in gardens is a good step.
3. Spray around your garden with water mixed with pepper or ammonia.

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