Do raccoons eat bunnies?

Do Raccoons eat Bunnies?-Uncovering the truth

Do raccoons eat bunnies? What are bunnies? Why do they eat bunnies? Is it a significant part of their diet? What are the nutritional facts about bunnies?

These are frequently asked questions about the dietary behavior of raccoons. These questions often spark a debate among wildlife experts and Raccoon Enthusiasts.

You are on the right web page if you have the same questions regarding raccoons eating behavior. Here you will find exact and correct data about raccoons eating behavior regarding bunnies.

I will explore deep insights and recently researched data about; whether raccoons eat bunnies or not. 

đź‘Ť So let’s come to read.  

Do raccoons eat bunnies?

Yes, surely, they eat bunnies. Raccoons are cute nocturnal mammals known as masked bandits. Normally they take a rest day and hunt during the night. They are found in the United States of North America.

Raccoons have omnivorous food behavior. It means they eat well on both plants and animals. Thus, they have a wide range of food including fruits, vegetables, acorns, seeds, fiches, squirrels, and bunnies. Oh yes bunnies, of course, bunnies, as it is the query of our concern. Raccoons eat on bunnies but in certain conditions.

  • They prefer to eat injured, dead and young bunnies, as they are easy to catch as compared to adult rabbits.

 Bunnies are not their primary source of food- but why? Read it

What are bunnies?-A brief intro-

Before discussing “why and how” raccoons eat bunnies, it’s important to know some basic facts about them. So let’s learn a bit about bunnies first to better understand raccoons’ behavior when it comes to bunnies.

Basically, the rabbits are known as “bunnies.” These small mammals belong to the Leporidae family of order Lagomorpha. * The average life span of a European bunny is about 9 years and pygmy rabbits last for 3 to 5 years. 

  • Bunny’s habitats include meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts, and wetlands. European rabbits can live in underground burrows.
  • The rabbits are also domesticated as pets. These small creatures are looking cute. So people like to have a good relationship with them as a pet parent.

Why do raccoons eat bunnies?-Need for meat

They eat bunnies; but why? Obviously for meat purposes!

Raccoons are omnivorous in nature regarding their food behavior. It means that they have to eat both plants and animals. In truth, Only plants cannot fulfill their nutritional needs. So they have to eat meat to stay healthy and fit.

  • So they eat meat and obviously bunnies too. They enjoy eating bunnies to make their evening meal much more yummy and beautiful! It doesn’t matter whether they get meat from bunnies or some other animals like squirrels, frogs, snakes, etc.
  • Bunnies are an excellent source of vitamins B vitamins B12 and Niacin. These vitamins are essential for the normal growth of skin, hair, nerves, and muscles. So raccoons are well benefited by eating bunnies.  

Do they actively hunt bunnies or opportunistically?

It’s a crucial fact of raccoons’ lives, that they are lazy regarding searching and hunting for their food. Thus, they always prefer to eat food that is readily available to them. In other words, they invest little or no effort to take food. Similarly, they can eat from trash cans as this food is easily available.

By keeping this fact in mind, it comes to mind what raccoons’ hunting behavior is regarding bunnies. So let me tell…

Opportunistic eaters:

  • Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and use tips and tricks to hunt bunnies, so they hunt and eat bunnies opportunistically. Raccoons usually, don’t pursue rabbits when they are in open spaces. 
  • However, if raccoons find rabbits in nests, cages, burrows, or other enclosed areas they become more determined to catch them.
  • They don’t hunt bunnies actively but in very rare cases. When there is a scarcity of food they can actively hunt bunnies.

Why raccoons don’t actively hunt bunnies?

As bunnies are fast-speed mammals, so raccoons don’t try to chase them. They know this fact very well that hunting bunnies is tough, so they avoid hunting them but eat the food that is easily available to them. Even they can eat from trash cans. 

  • Mostly, they eat injured, dead and young bunnies that are easy to access.

A serious fight between raccoons and bunnies:

By apparently, it seems that raccoons and bunnies are cute creatures that beautify natural phenomena. Moreover, Both are domesticated as pets. But you must be surprised to know that both raccoons and bunnies are mortal enemies. As they have different bodies, the fight may be complicated. Rabbits have less chance to win the fight, but larger bunnies can kill the raccoons.

Raccoons are natural predators. In fact, they have a unique body to kill and eat the prey. Raccoons can seriously harm bunnies and spread dangerous diseases like rabies in them. They use their dexterous paws and teeth to kill and eat the bunnies.

Do bunnies fight back?-Basic information

Bunnies have a good sense of smell sight, hearing, sharp teeth, and claws. When bunnies encounter predators and can’t get escape, they will fight back to protect themselves. Rabbits can inflict harm on their attackers and put up a strong defense with their paws and teeth. 

When do raccoons typically attack bunnies?

Raccoons are primarily active at night as nocturnal mammals. During these night-time hours, they mostly hunt squirrels, frogs, bunnies, etc. They mostly hunt during the night and take rest during day time. 

Raccoons mainly go after bunnies when they are least active, like when they are sleeping, eating, or playing. At this time, raccoons often successfully hunt and kill bunnies.

Nutritional fact about bunnies:

The meat of bunnies is full of essential nutrients. The nutrients regulate the metabolic activities of raccoons. According to USDA every three ounces of bunny meat have the following nutritional values.

The bunny’s meat contains 147 calories, 105 mg cholesterol, 38 g sodium, 292mg potassium, and 28 g protein, The bunny’s meat has a high protein level. Further, it contains vitamins B12 and E.

One interesting thing about bunny meat is that bunnies have a high percentage of digestible proteins while the lowest amount of fats. Despite the low amount of fats, bunnies’ meat is still rich in healthy fats like polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats.


Raccoons are meat lovers being omnivorous. They enjoy eating bunnies if they easily get access to the delicious meat of bunnies. Bunnies are sharp in running, so raccoons avoid doing their prey.

Basically, they eat ill, injured, and young bunnies as they are easy to access. It means they are opportunistic eaters and eat whatever is readily available to them without making much effort to hunt or play. 

Bunnies’ meat is full of rich nutrients. So, Bunnies’ meat helps to regulate the metabolic activities of raccoons by enhancing their energy.


Do raccoons like to eat the meat of bunnies?

Yes, obviously they like to eat bunny meat. In fact, being omnivorous, they love to eat the meat of bunnies. In truth, raccoons have a variety of food among plants and animals.

Are bunnies the primary source of food for raccoons?

No, not at all!
Bunnies are not the primary source of food for raccoons. The reason is that the rabbits(bunnies) are tough to hunt. So raccoons hunt and eat bunnies in rare cases; when bunnies are easy to access.

Are raccoons dangerous to bunnies?

Yes to some extent. Raccoons are dangerous to bunnies, as their bodies are well-designed to hunt and kill animals. They use their paws and sharp teeth to kill and eat bunnies.

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