Do raccoons kill rabbits?

Do Raccoons Kill Rabbits?- A Cruel act

Do Raccoons kill rabbits? If yes! Then why do raccoons kill rabbits? What is the strategy behind this cruel act? Do raccoons eat rabbits after killing them? These are common queries that wildlife enthusiasts and researchers often debate.

If you have the same queries and want to know whether raccoons kill rabbits or not raccoons and their tendency to kill rabbits, you’ve landed on the right web page This web page will give you straightforward answers to satisfy your curiosity.

In this article, I will explore the latest research findings on raccoons and their tendency to hunt and kill raccoons. This article covers maximum data about whether raccoons kill rabbits or not, so let’s come to read it.  

Do Raccoons kill rabbits?

Yes, they kill!

The bitter reality about raccoons’ nature is that they kill rabbits with their remarkable hunting skills. Raccoons are cute, and smart mammals. They possess an omnivorous diet, consuming both plant-based food and small animals. They eat birds, eggs, mice, and many more, including rabbits. Yes! Rabbits.

Rabbits: Rabbits are mammals that love living in groups and making tunnels underground for safety. They have many predators because they are prey animals. Rabbits only eat plants because they are herbivores.

  • It is imperative to remember that raccoons are not natural predators of rabbits. They kill and eat rabbits in very rare cases and unfavorable circumstances when food is scarce.
  • Raccoons prefer to hunt and eat baby rabbits instead of adults, especially when the babies are without their mothers. So, when the mother rabbit is not around, raccoons take it as an opportunity and consume the baby rabbits.
  • It is tough to hunt rabbits during the daytime when they are active- so they mostly do it at night. 

Why do raccoons kill rabbits?

Obviously for meat purposes! Raccoons get meat from the rabbits after killing them. 

Nature has created an interaction or predator-prey relationship among the members of different species. Sometimes this interaction becomes very severe and causes the killing of one member. The same happens among the rabbits and raccoons. Even though rabbits and raccoons are cute, they can have intense fights and become mortal enemies.

Though raccoons have unique body structures with dexterous paws, so they mostly win the fight and kill the rabbits.

What is the strategy behind killing rabbits? 

Amazingly, raccoons have a strong strategy behind the cruel act of killing rabbits. Even you must be surprised that raccoons kill logically rabbis to attain their unique purpose. So, let me tell you…

  • Raccoons are meat lovers. They attack rabbits and kill them, but why. Obviously for meat purposes. They are fond of eating meat, and thus, they kill rabbits and enjoy eating yummy, crispy, and tasty rabbit meat.

How do they kill rabbits?

Mostly, raccoons tend to attack rabbits while they are sleeping, eating, or playing. They use their dexterous paws and teeth to kill rabbits and eat them effectively. During a fight, the raccoons scratch the rabbit with their claws and bite with their teeth.

As raccoons are opportunistic eaters, they attack them using tricks. Raccoons are nocturnal and mostly hunt during night time. They usually don’t chase rabbits, but if they find them in a nest, cage, or burrow where they can catch them silently.

In other words, we can say that raccoons will eat rabbits whenever they get the chance, but it’s not their first choice of food, as its a tough task to catch them.

Do rabbits fight back with raccoons?

No doubt, raccoons are known to attack rabbits, but when it comes to rabbits defending themselves, let me explain.

As rabbits have their own ways of fighting back, so rabbits are good at defending themselves. In some cases, the bigger rabbits may injure the raccoons very critically.

Amazingly they can kick, bite and run very fast. The active and agile rabbits are not attacked by raccoons. So, most raccoons avoid to killing rabbits.

Do raccoons hunt on them opportunistically?-or actively?

If we normally talk about opportunistic eaters in wildlife, then raccoons are the first name that comes into our minds. Thus raccoons are curious creatures and mostly scavenge their food opportunistically. 

  • As rabbits are fast, it’s difficult for raccoons to hunt them. So raccoons prefer to eat them opportunistically not by active hunting. So, a tired, injured, or dead rabbit is their top priority, not a healthy one.
  • But, if raccoons are too hungry, and fail to find readily-available food, then there are chances that they actively hunt rabbits and kill them.

Are rabbits the primary source of food for raccoons?

No, not at all!

Raccoons love to eat rabbit yummy meat. but they do not target them as their primary food source for a few reasons.

  • Rabbits are faster and escape from raccoons most of the time. Therefore raccoons prefer easy-to-catch food and may eat from trash cans rather than fight with rabbits
  • Raccoons don’t hunt rabbits often because rabbits are smart and can fight back, causing harm to raccoons. 

So these are clear-cut points in the evidence of the fact, that rabbits are not the primary source of food for raccoons.

How to protect your rabbits from raccoons?

It’s your responsibility to protect your rabbits from the attack of raccoons. So you must follow some accurate measures as described below:

  • You should create a protected closure using a strong metal fence or wire. In addition, make sure it’s securely connected to prevent raccoon entry. Moreover, Bury the fencing in the ground to prevent digging, and trim bushes and plants nearby to eliminate hiding spots.
  • You can deter raccoons at night by installing motion sensor lights around the enclosure, which will scare them away.


It is concluded that raccoons are involved in the cruel act of killing rabbits. In fact, they enjoy eating rabbits’ tasty meat. They mostly target the injured, ill and young ones as they are easy to attack.

Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and kill rabbits by tricks; but not actively. They prefer to kill baby rabbits when their mothers are not around. Basically, rabbits are not the primary source of food for raccoons. They just prey on rabbits when there is a scarcity of food.

Rabbits are a satisfying meal for raccoons. Raccoons have a unique body structure to hunt any animal, even rabbits. Thus, their sharp teeth and nails are enough to damage a rabbit seriously. 


Is rabbit meat delicious?

Yes, rabbit meat is soo much delicious. Raccoons like to eat rabbits’ meat as we do humans.

Is rabbit meat full of nutrients?

Yes, of course! Rabbits’ meat is full of essential nutrients. These nutrients are essential for the proper working of the raccoon body. In fact, they need meat from time to time to stay healthy.

Do raccoons hunt rabbits during the night?

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals. They mostly come out from their nests during night time and hunt rabbits for their meal. They may hunt during day time if they have a chance. 

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