What happens if a raccoon bites you?

What Happens if a Raccoon bites you?-A Closer Look

What happens if a raccoon bites you? Is racoon’s bite dangerous? In truth, What are the signs of a rabid raccoon? What are the symptoms of rabies infection? How you can prevent yourself from raccoon bite?-effective measure

These are commonly asked questions regarding raccoon bites. Often these questions arise a debate among wildlife experts and raccoon enthusiasts. If you have the same kind of questions; you are on the right web page.

This blog post will explore deep insights into raccoons’ biting behavior  It’s a serious question; what happens if a raccoon bites you? So let’s come to read… 

What happens if a raccoon bites you?

What happens if a raccoon bites you? Obviously, it’s dangerous!

The main concern associated with being bitten by raccoons revolves around the transmission of rabies. Rabies is a viral disease that transmits through the bite of a rabid animal like a raccoon. However, rabid raccoons are more likely to bite a person or pet, but healthy raccoons usually don’t.

  • No doubt bites of all animals are dangerous for humans and other animals. But you must be surprised to know that the bite of raccoons is so fatal that it leads to death.
  • If a raccoon bites you, and you notice that the bite is small, having a small wound, you should not take it easy. The reason is that even a small bite could be life-threatening. So, you should take medicine right now, as raccoons may carry rabies.
  • If a normal or healthy raccoon bites you, it’s not too dangerous. However, the bite of rabid raccoons is 99.9% fatal. So it is very important to keep a distance from rabid raccoons. 

What does a raccoon bite look like?

When a rabid raccoon bites a person, dog, cat, or another animal,  the bite may not look serious initially. Now you may be wondering how the bite of a raccoon looks, so let me tell you…

  • Raccoon uses their paws and teeth to attack or bite. A raccoon bite leaves upper and lower teeth marks on the skin. Actually, the appearance may vary depending on where the bite has occurred and whether hair is present. Sometimes there may be a wound around the bite mark.

What to do immediately after raccoons bite?

If a raccoon bites you, it’s really important to get medical help right away. Take some necessary steps before reaching the doctor:

  • Make sure to wash the wound with soap and warm water for at least five minutes.

How the doctor treats rabies?

Basically, the doctor treats rabies by vaccination called post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

The vaccine makes to start antibodies very immediately. The antibodies act as an immune system and fight the germs of rabies. If enough amount of antibodies is formed, then the victim becomes secure. And this is possible if the treatment starts without any late. If your body makes sufficient antibodies, that can destroy the virus and keeps your body safe.

What is rabies?- Basic information:

Rabies is a viral disease caused by the virus Rhabdoviridae family. It is transmitted to animals and humans through the bite of a rabies carrier

It is also spread if a rabid animal licks the open wound. Basically, this disease transmits through the affected saliva of a rabid animal. And the essential fact is that raccoons are considered a significant rabies carrier species in the United States.

Besides raccoons, there are also some other animal species that are responsible for spreading rabies. These include bats, skunks, foxes, and coyotes.

Symptoms of rabies:

Here are some common symptoms of rabies. Please have a look. If you see these symptoms, consult immediately with a physician.

  • The infected persons may feel difficulty while walking.
  • The infection can result in the formation of frothy saliva or foam around the mouth.
  • Rabies infection can cause confusion or disorientation, leading to a state of mental confusion. The infected person becomes unconscious of his surroundings.
  • Its infection can cause individuals to make high-pitched noises over and over again.
  • Heavy panting in pets like dogs.
  • Rabies can make the body hair appear messy or matted.
  • Redness, Pain, swelling, and pus in the wound.

Important signs of a rabid raccoon:

To stay safe from raccoons’ bites, be aware of these signs that indicate that raccoons are rabid. So, take precautions if you notice any of these.

  • Ataxic gait( uncoordinated movements)
  • Unconscious of nearby noise or movement
  • In some cases, discharge from the mouth and eyes
  • Self-injury
  • Abnormal vocalizations.
  • Excessive audacity(not-shying from humans)
  • Unnecessary aggressiveness

How does the rabies virus affect the body?-way of infection:

The rabies virus transmits through the bite of a rabid raccoon. After entering the body, the virus targets the specific nerve cells. Then it invades and causes significant damage to the nervous system. If the virus is not treated on time, it can enter the brain and have deadly consequences.

Incubation Period-phase 1

Rabies symptoms typically do not appear immediately after a raccoon bite. The virus can stay dormant in your body for 1 to 3 months. The symptoms will show when the virus reaches the brain through the nervous system. This time period of 1 to 3 month is the incubation period.

Prodromal- phase 2

Rabies virus enters your nervous system. It damages nerves and enters the brain and spinal cord. This phase is called the prodromal stage and lasts for 2 to 10 days. During this stage, flu-like symptoms occur as your immune system fights back. In truth, rabies at this stage causes severe damage to the nerves. Sadly, there are no effective treatments available at this stage of rabies.

Acute Neurologic- phase 3

No doubt, this is the severe phase of a rabies attack. In this phase, the rabies virus usually attacks at brain and spinal cord. Most people develop either furious rabies, with symptoms like aggression and seizures. Paralytic rabies causes weakness and even paralysis. Furious rabies lasts a few days to a week, while paralytic can persist for up to a month.

Important steps to get prevention from raccoon’s bites:

You should stay away from the raccoons, even if they do not seem to be ill. Rabies can lead to death if not treated immediately. if a rabid raccoon bites you, licks on the wound, or makes scratches with their claws; the rabies will spread.

  1. Keep your distance and must avoid interacting with them, If you see any raccoons on your property
  2. Don’t try to feed raccoons, and avoid leaving scraps of food
  3. You may deter the raccoons by using sensor lights on your property.
  4. Spray around your property with water mixed with garlic or cayenne pepper.
  5. Contact wildlife experts to know the best techniques.

What other diseases are spread by raccoons?

Raccoons may spread some other diseases besides rabies. These diseases are also fatal for animals and humans. Here are some common diseases that spread through the raccoons.

1. Roundworm causes Ascariasis:

Roundworms may carry roundworms in their body secretions, such as feces or urine. These roundworms can lead to a severe and deadly disease called ascariasis in both humans and animals.

Now it comes to mind how this disease spread. Let me tell you…

Raccoons make droppings in open areas which contain roundworms. When food items come into contact with raccoons drooping, they become contaminated. The worms enter their bodies If animals or humans consume this food. Then, these worms live permanently in the small intestine and cause disease. 

Major symptoms of infection:

  • Severe pain in the abdomen
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Often fatigue feeling
  • Vomiting

2. Baylisascarsis:

The roundworm species causes the disease Baylisascaris. Basically, this particular roundworm has the ability to infect only humans but also animals like dogs. If humans and animals eat contaminated food with raccoon’s feces; they get the disease.

Symptoms of infection:

  • Nausea
  • Liver enlargement
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Blindness
  • Even, coma.

3. Leptospirosis:

Furthers, raccoons spread a bacterial disease named leptospirosis in humans and animals. Usually, raccoons shed the genus Leptospira in their body secretions. Actually, the soil absorbs these secretions. Then, humans and animals that eat from the contaminated soil get the bacterium and fell into the disease.

Signs of infection:

  • kidney damage
  •  Meningitis
  •  Liver failure
  •  Respiratory diseases


What happens if a raccoon bites you? Usually, the bites of healthy raccoons are harmless, but if a raccoon is rabid, it transmits the deadly rabies virus to its victim. Rabies is a highly fatal disease found mainly in the united states of America. Raccoons are rabies carrier, so it’s crucial to take precautions to avoid raccoon attacks and stay safe. 


How common is rabies?

Rabies is mostly found in the united states of America. According to one research about 59,000 people die every year worldwide.

How common is rabies?

How common is rabies? Rabies is mostly found in the united states of America. According to one research about 59,000 people die every year worldwide.

What are the symptoms if the disease is not treated?

Trouble drinking water
Sensitive or allergic to light
The disturbed state of mind or consciousness
Insomnia ( feeling asleep)
Irritation in the wound site

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