Do raccoons eat bird eggs?

Do raccoons eat bird eggs?- An Expert’s Guide

Do raccoons eat bird eggs? How do raccoons get access to bird eggs? How do they eat the eggs? Do mother birds fight back in defense of their eggs? What nutritional benefits do raccoons get from the bird eggs?

These questions often raise a debate among wildlife enthusiasts and researchers. But what is the truth? Do raccoons tend to eat bird eggs or not? I have explored the recently researched data in this blog post.

Here you will find exact, correct, and precise data about raccoon-eating behavior regarding bird eggs. So let’s read…

Do Raccoons eat bird eggs?

Absolutely Yes! raccoons are known to eat birds’ eggs. They steal and eat eggs when the parents are not present in the nests.

Raccoons are omnivorous eaters and eat various food among plants and animals. These curious creatures opportunistically eat readily available food and of course bird eggs too. Raccoons possess excellent tree climbing skills, allowing them to reach bird nests in trees or high locations. They use this skill to raid nests and consume bird eggs as part of their diet. 

  • In addition, raccoons can also capture and consume small birds if they get access to them.

Now it comes to mind, what time is best for raccoons to hunt eggs and baby birds.

Raccoons are opportunistic scavengers, They search for bird eggs whenever they come across bird nests during their wanderings, regardless of whether it’s day or night. They use their sense of smell to get access to eggs. They almost eat the eggs of all birds.

How do they get access to bird nests or eggs?

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal mammals, typically emerging from their nests at night to hunt. However, there are also instances when they come out during the day. They can be seen exploring trees, engaging in playful activities, or searching for food. While engaging in these ventures, they may come across bird nests. Thanks to their remarkable sense of smell, raccoons can detect the scent of eggs and climb trees to access the nests. If the mother birds are absent, they will consume the eggs and any young birds present.

Do mother birds fight back?

If the mother bird is present, obviously she will fight back to protect its eggs from the attack of raccoons. Sometimes the fight becomes very serious. Some large birds like hawks are predators of raccoons. So if raccoons will try to snatch their eggs, obviously the hawks take a fight to kill the raccoons.

How do they eat the eggs?-Way of eating

Now it comes to mind how they eat the eggs. So, let me tell you. Raccoons have a clever strategy when it comes to bird eggs. They steal eggs from the nests and carry them to a safe place to consume them. Normally, they use their sharp teeth to crack the eggshells. The shells are easy to crack, so they effortlessly eat the content(yolk) inside. 

What nutritional benefits do raccoons get from eating bird eggs?

The egg comprises a shell, white, yolk, and germinal disc.  Basically, bird eggs contain vitamins (A, B, D& E), minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc), proteins, fats, and cholesterol. These are general estimations of the nutrients of eggs; exact nutrient composition may vary depending on the bird species.

Raccoons get these nutrients from raw eggs to enhance their energy. The consumption of eggs offers the best diet for raccoons. They enjoy eating eggs to satisfy their hunger. In fact, the eggs play a pivotal role in growth and development.

Are raccoons dangerous for birds and other species?

In truth, raccoons are highly intelligent and skilled predators, posing a risk to different animals and their offspring or eggs. The combination of their smarts and predatory skills make raccoons a significant force in the animal kingdom. They are a real threat to the safety and survival of other small animals, their offspring, and their eggs.

How you can protect your backyard bird’s eggs from raccoon attacks?

Here are some effective steps to prevent bird eggs from the attack by raccoons.

Secure the area: Ensure to use a nesting box with a small entrance or barrier around the nesting site to prevent raccoons from reaching the bird eggs.

Installation of predator guards: Equally important is that You should place special guards or baffles on trees or poles supporting the nests, making it hard for raccoons to climb up.

Use motion-activated deterrents: Additionally, Set up lights, sprinklers, or noise-making devices that activate when raccoons approach trees.

Increase visibility: You should trim or remove obstructions near the nest, making it harder for raccoons to get access to nests.

By following these simple steps you can protect backyard eggs from the attack of raccoons.


Raccoons are excellent tree climbers who can easily access bird nests in trees or other elevated areas. They occasionally raid nests and consume the eggs. Additionally, raccoons are capable of capturing and consuming small birds if they have the opportunity to do so.

Bird eggs are nutrient-rich and provide raccoons with valuable nutrients that are helpful to maintain their metabolic activities. In short, eggs are a good diet for raccoons if easily available to them.


Are bird eggs the first choice of food for raccoons?

No, perhaps not!
Raccoons are omnivorous and eat a variety of food including plants and animals. They eat eggs in two cases.
Firstly they eat eggs if other food of choice is scarce.
Secondly, if they opportunistically find eggs.

Will raccoons eat eggs?

Raccoons are omnivorous and opportunistic eaters. It means they will eat and everything that is readily available to them. So, raccoons obviously eat eggs, if they could get access to them.

Do raccoons eat the eggshell?

Probably not!
Raccoons never eat on the eggshells. They tear the eggs and throw away the shells and eat on internal content. It is the nutrient-rich diet for raccoons.

Can raccoons eat cooked eggs?

Absolutely yes!
They can eat cooked food. Raccoons are opportunistic eaters and eat a variety of food including plants and animals. Even they can eat the leftovers from the trash cans.

Do raccoons eat birds?

Yes, of course!
Raccoons can eat birds and even enjoy eating the tasty and yummy meat of birds. They mostly prefer to eat the injured, dead, and offspring as these are easy to hunt.

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