How to Get Raccoons out of Chimney

How to Get Raccoons out of Chimney?-Safe Methods!

Raccoons are masked bandits with having curious nature native to North America. Amazingly, they are very adaptable and can live in any environment(wild, city) including urban areas. Even they can live in chimneys by making nests. So, it’s a big concern for homeowners, “How to Get Raccoons out of Chimney?”

In this blog post, I will address this common problem and provide unique and effective methods to safely eliminate raccoons from chimneys. Let’s explore these solutions.

How to Get Raccoons out of Chimney?

Removing raccoons from a chimney can be a challenging and tough task, so, it’s important to do it with caution. 

Here are some steps you can take to safely and effectively get raccoons out of a chimney:

1. Identify the Presence of Raccoons:

  • Listen for Sounds: If you hear scratching or strange noises coming from the chimney, it might be raccoons. They often make these sounds while moving around the chimneys.
  • Look for Nesting Materials: Check for any soft things like leaves, twigs, or paper around your fireplace. Raccoons gather these materials to build a nest for their babies.
  • Watch for Droppings: Keep an eye out for poop near the fireplace or in the hearth. Raccoon droppings are usually dark and cylindrical. If you see any drooping around the chimneys, it means there must be raccoons.

2. Verify no young are present:

Raccoons have cute-looking babies called kits. They often make their nests in chimneys to take care of their young. So, before trying to get rid of raccoons make sure there are no baby raccoons around chimneys. If you find any little raccoons (called kits), it’s better to wait until they are old enough to move on their own.

3. Use a bright light:

Raccoons get scared by the bright light. So it’s a best idea to shine a bright light down the chimney to encourage the raccoons to leave. Usually, the raccoons have a nocturnal(night-loving) nature. Thus, they leave the brightened area of the chimneys and choose a dark place for their nesting.

4. Create disturbances:

Raccoons don’t like the voices and disturbances. They always prefer to live in a calm area. So, you encourage their living by making noises. 

  • Encourage Departure: Make noise or create disturbances around the chimney. This effective step encourages raccoons to leave your property on their own.
  • Use Sound Tactics: Employ a radio or play loud music as a means of creating disturbances in the vicinity of the chimney.

5. Use repellents:

You can discourage raccoons by using raccoon repellents. These come as sprays or granules. These products usually have stuff in them that raccoons don’t like. It makes the area unpleasant for them, so they decide to leave.

6. Install a One-Way Door:

Here is another unique way to remove raccoons. After the raccoons have gone away, put in a special door or cap on the chimney. This door lets the raccoons leave, but it stops them from coming back in. It’s like a door that only opens one way, and that helps keep the raccoons out for good.

7.  Chimney Cap Installation:

To stop raccoons or other animals from getting into your chimney again, put on a chimney cap. Chimney caps have special screens that act like barriers, keeping wildlife out. It’s like a protective cover that ensures raccoons, can’t go into your chimney.

8. Seal Entry Points:

You must look around your home for any places like holes or openings. The raccoons can enter your property through these holes. So, close or seal those spots to make sure raccoons can’t come back inside. It’s like fixing the doors so they can’t enter again.

9. Consult local regulations:

Check the rules in your area about handling wildlife, like raccoons before you take any steps. Some places have specific rules to handle wildlife like raccoons. So, you must follow the rules and regulations before doing anything. Additionally,  raccoons can carry diseases like rabies, so be careful.

10. Professional wildlife removal:

Lastly, If the raccoons prove difficult to remove it’s advisable to contact a professional wildlife removal service. Wildlife removal experts have the knowledge and equipment to handle these situations safely and ethically.


So, to wrap things up, if you have raccoons in your chimney, there are simple and kind ways to get them out. You can make some noise, use special sprays, put a one-way door, and close any openings they might use. Also, make sure to follow local rules and ask for help if you need it. By following these steps, you can make sure your chimney is raccoon-free and safe for everyone.


Do raccoons sleep in chimneys?

Raccoons usually sleep in chimneys by making their nests. So, you should Install a chimney cap to prevent them from entering and sleeping in chimmneys.

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