Do raccoons eat baby birds?

Do Raccoons eat Baby birds?-Why do they eat?

Do raccoons eat baby birds? Why do raccoons eat baby birds? Is the baby birds the first choice of food for raccoons? Do raccoons easily get access to baby raccoons? These questions have stimulated a debate among researchers and wildlife experts.

If you have been searching for accurate and up-to-date information about raccoons’ eating behavior, especially their consumption of baby birds, you have come to the right place. On this webpage, you will find recently conducted and well-researched data addressing your concerns about raccoons eating baby birds.

In this blog post, I’ll explore whether raccoons eat baby birds or not. Here, you will benefit from authentic and reliable data by reading it. Let’s get it…

Raccoons as omnivorous:

Raccoons are indeed omnivorous, which means they have a wide range of food choices(including plants and animals). In this aspect, they are well known for their scavenging nature and will consume whatever food is readily accessible to them. Raccoons typically prefer easily available food that requires minimal effort to attain.

It is a universal truth that they expend low energy to attain items of food.

Understanding the basic information about raccoons eating birds or including baby birds is important for wildlife enthusiasts. Now, let’s explore this topic in detail to learn more about it.

Do raccoons eat baby birds? Or birds?

Absolutely, yes. Raccoons eat baby birds very efficiently.

Raccoons eat birds and of course baby birds too. In fact, birds make up a large portion of their diet. Birds meat is fresh, delicious, and yummy food for raccoons.

  • But one thing that is most considerable in this aspect is that birds are hard to catch and able to fly to get escape from predators.
  • However, raccoons are lazy in this scenario. They never do more effort for fighting, catching, and killing birds for eating purposes. 
  • Yet, they eat small birds or baby birds, because they are easier to catch than young birds.
  • Sometimes raccoons can prey on large birds as other food is not available. But mostly they avoid doing this because they themselves become the prey of large birds like eagles, hawks, owls, etc.

Are baby birds the first choice of food for raccoons?

Baby birds taste delicious and are packed with important nutrients. That’s why raccoons, who love meat, enjoy eating baby birds whenever they can find them easily.

Raccoons eat a variety of baby birds:

They feed on a variety of baby birds as mentioned below:

  • chickens 
  • guineas 
  • quail 
  • Pheasants
  • Ducks 
  • Crows 
  • Pigeons, etc.

Why do raccoons eat baby birds? 

  • Raccoons eat meat from time to time to be active and agile. 

In truth, meat is too much important for the best survival of raccoons. It doesn’t matter whether they get meat from baby birds or other animals like frogs, alligators, etc. Since baby birds are a source of meat for raccoons. Meat provides raccoons with important nutrients like vitamins A&B, calcium, and iodine. These nutrients help to maintain the metabolic activities of the raccoon’s body.

  • Being omnivorous the raccoons have a diverse diet that includes a considerable consumption of both meat and plant matter.
  • Therefore raccoons eat baby birds to stay healthy.

Essential nutrients that raccoons get from the meat of baby birds:

Meat contains essential nutrients as mentioned below:

  • Fatty acids
  • Protein 
  • Vitamins(especially B12)
  • Iodine
  • Zink
  • Iron

How does a raccoon catch baby birds?

Raccoons have dexterous paws with sharp nails, which are always ready to attack birds. The raccoons catch and prey on baby birds with their sharp nails and teeth. So, raccoons prey better on baby birds as compared to young birds.

Basically, raccoons eat the birds which are easy to access. Sometimes raccoons catch the flying birds but in rare cases. The flying birds are hard to grasp. Therefore they eat injured, tired, and offspring birds. 

Do Raccoons eat the eggs of birds?

It is an interesting question regarding the consumption of bird eggs by raccoons. Raccoons eat baby birds but what about the eggs of birds?  So I want to tell you that raccoons are not hesitant; when it comes to stealing and eating the eggs of birds. In fact, bird eggs are a valuable food source for raccoons, as they contain essential nutrients such as selenium.

  • Raccoons also enjoy eating the eggs of birds, because it’s a delicious meal for them and easy to access. However, often they eat baby birds and the eggs of birds.

Now you may be wondering how raccoons get to reach eggs. Read it to get it…

How could they get access to eggs?

Well, raccoons are nocturnal, so they take rest in their nests during day time. While spending time in trees, they may encounter bird nests and their eggs. In the absence of the mother bird, they obviously can easily eat the bird’s eggs. But if the mother bird is present, she will put up a fight to protect her eggs from the attack of raccoons. However, raccoons possess highly adaptable dexterous paws that enable them to skillfully snatch the desired eggs. Ultimately raccoons obtain eggs despite the mother bird’s efforts to defend them.

  • An intriguing fact is that raccoons will never dare to steal the eggs or young ones of large birds such as hawks. if a hawk sees a raccoon eating its eggs, it will seek revenge by attacking the raccoon.


It is concluded that:

Raccoons eat well on baby birds and also the eggs of birds.

Basically, they eat on injured, tired, dead, or baby birds as these are easy to access. In truth, raccoons are lazy to do much effort in hunting for food even birds. So being opportunistic eaters and having a wide range of food items, they eat whatever is easily available to them without doing extra effort.

Raccoons eat baby birds because the meat of baby birds is full of valuable nutrients like vitamins, proteins, iodine, zinc, iron, fatty acids, etc. Such nutrients help to regulate the metabolic activities of raccoons. So meat is an integral part of their food, doesn’t matter whether they get it from baby birds or other animals like frogs, fishes, squirrels, etc.


Do raccoons eat baby ducklings?

Being omnivorous and meat-lovers raccoons happily eat baby ducklings, if the guardian of livestock is not present there to scare off them.

Would a raccoon eat a dead bird?

Yes, raccoons eat dead birds, because they can get them without doing any extra effort to hunt them. In fact, birds or dead birds are a favorite food for them. By luck, their stomach is well-designed to digest the dead meat without getting ill.

Do raccoons eat kittens?

Yes definitely, raccoons can eat kittens ( young ones of cats). If raccoons have easy access to kittens they obviously eat them without any hesitation.

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